K-Swiss 公路接力對抗賽
*時間:4/17(六) 上午7:00
*資格:兩男一女或兩女一男 ,共三人為一組,其中一人須為RC會員
1. 三人一組,歡迎單人報名,教練會幫忙安排分組
2. 每隊需有一名會員,非會員的朋友也可以一起參賽
3. 全長18公里,每人需跑6公里
4. 4/17上午7:00開始集合及報到,現場繳交報名費
5. 前三名皆有獎項,賽後也有抽獎活動
6. 請穿著有K-Swiss Logo衣服參賽,也可搭配不同造型,若無KSW衣服當天也會提供背心 (將會選出最佳造型獎喔!) 

a. Mail姓名等聯絡資料至陳教練的信箱(abs42195km@yahoo.com.tw)
b. 傳真至天母慢跑概念店: 02-2874-5780
c. 有任何問題請來電02-8751-3798#128找Carol

K-Swiss Relay Race
*Time: 4/17(Sat) 7:00AM
*Place: Chihshan Junior High
*Sign up: Three people get a group. (Include one opposite sex)
*Cost: NT$100/person

About the race:
1. If you don’t be a part of any team, we’ll arrange a team for you.
2. The relay race will be 18 km, and each one have to run 6 km.
3. Please gather and check-in at AM7:00.
4. There are some prizes for the top three, and also have a small lucky draw after race.
5. Please wear the shirt with⋯⋯ K-Swiss logo, or we’ll prepare the vest for you. We’ll award the Best Creativity Modeling Prize .

# Sign up:
a. Sign up your name or team by mail to coach Cheng-Hsiung Chen (abs42195km@yahoo.com.tw)
b. Fax to Running concept Store: 02-2874-5780
c. You could call Carol (8751-3798#128) if you have any question.




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